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Children Reading the Holy Bible

About Parow Inclusive 

A warm welcome to Parow Inclusive School. Our school opened it’s doors on 1 November 1929 as a preparatory school!

We have a proud history of providing balanced, quality education.

We are a school driven by a strong value system where our learners are taught to embrace our motto

Our vision is to equip our learners with knowledge, skills and values, as well as a positive attitude to enable their optimal progress in school and life.

The learners are the heartbeat of our school as well as the first priority at our school.

We believe in holistic education and we focus on positive discipline, based on love.

Respect, loyalty, empathy, unity and responsibility are only a few of the values that we focus on.

We are blessed to have staff who have a passion for every child and for what they can achieve.

The school seeks through all its activities to promote individuality and a happy, balanced approach to life and acknowledges the diversity of learners. It encourages an attitude of openness among educators, parents and learners and at the same time is committed in the sharing of high moral standards.

Parow Inclusive School relies on a partnership between school and home to ensure that our students succeed.

It is an honour to be part of the Parow Inclusive Family and I hope you too feel welcome as a part of your child’s school experience, and a part of the success of your child.


Let’s strive to reach higher heights as we approach each challenge with the greatest enthusiasm

Let’s prepare our learners to be responsible members of an everchanging society!

Let’s dream big:  If you have a heartbeat, there’s still time for your dreams…


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