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Ethos & Principles

Our school seeks to embrace the vision of a society for all, based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. We celebrate diversity through recognising potential, increasing participation, overcoming and reducing barriers, and removing stigmatisation and labelling. We adopt a holistic, flexible and accommodative approach to development and uphold a spirit of collaboration among all members of the school community as well as reach out to various stakeholders around the school.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

As a school we nurture a philosophy that is based on beliefs that support inclusion, such as:

Everyone in the site of learning is responsible for the education of each learner regardless of their learning needs;
• Everyone in the site of learning is focused on meeting the needs of all learners in a unified system of education;
• All educators have skills and knowledge that can and should be used to support the efforts of each educator to ensure the success of all learners;
• All learners benefit from participation in mainstream institutions and should be shown respect for their unique, personal forms of growth.

Kids Running
Children Reading the Holy Bible

These values fit the description of the inclusive education and training system as put forward in the Education  White Paper 6:
Inclusive education and training :
• acknowledges that all children and youth can learn, and need support;
• accepts and respects that all learners are different, have different learning needs which are equally valued and an ordinary part of our human experience;
• enables educators to meet the needs of all learners;
• acknowledges and respects differences in learners such as to age, gender, ethnicity, language, class, disability or HIV status;
• changes attitudes, behaviour, teaching methodologies, curricula and the environment to meet the needs of all learners;
• maximises the participation of all learners and minimises barriers to learning;
• empowers learners by developing their individual strengths and enabling them to participate critically in the process of learning. 

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